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September 22, 2022 

10 AM - 3 PM ET

Grow your business, grow your people, grow yourself.

We will share with all attendees... a special edition of Selling Power Magazine featuring Sandler PLUS a discount on your 2023 Sandler Summit LIVE ticket registration!

Designed for salespeople, sales managers, and sales leaders of all levels, from small businesses to enterprise sales organizations. The Virtual Summit will provide a variety of content from top-rated presenters in the industry. This is an excellent opportunity to ramp-up new hires or those new to the Sandler methodology in a one-day session filled with complimentary learning opportunities.

Sales and Service have notoriously butted heads in nearly all industries and cultures. This lack of alignment creates tension among departments, leaders, and clients. Join this session to help align these critical departments for greater collaboration, less drama, and improved client retention.

Aligning Sales and Service: How to Stop the Infighting and Improve the Outcomes

Amy Woodall | Sandler Trainer

Barry Trailer | Co-founder, Sales Mastery

The Sales Performance Scorecard - Insights from Sales Mastery

Find out how many organizations are meeting their revenue targets, hear the latest observations on hiring salespeople who succeed, and learn what the “winning more deals assessment” can reveal about your company. 

Dave Mattson | CEO, Sandler

How to Sell to the Modern Buyer

With the release of How to Sell to the Modern Buyer - 52 Rules for Sales Success, David Mattson has revised the Sandler Rules to better match contemporary sales. Dave will discuss changes to the buyer's journey and the best practices for matching selling efforts to align with the modern buyer's journey.

Watch out for Superhero Syndrome

Our tendency is to give advice and tell others how to fix the issue, instead of empowering others to discover their own answers to the problem. When we use our experience and expertise to quickly solve an issue, we feel like a superhero. Join this session to learn the leadership mindset and skills to help your people grow.

Jeff Pankoff | Sandler Trainer

Understanding the Investment Criteria in a Complex Sale

To be effective at qualifying or disqualifying an opportunity, we need to both qualify conceptually and technically. John will review conceptual and technical qualifications in a complex sale. You'll learn methods to qualify both categories effectively and efficiently, so you can move the deal forward.

John Rosso | Sandler Trainer

The Climb to Sales Leadership

This executive panel, moderated by Pete Oliver, Sandler trainer and author of Making the Climb, will contain an exploration of the climb of several guest corporate leaders to their current role and the lessons learned along the way.

Pete Oliver | Sandler Trainer