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Top sales performers never show up to “wing it.”

The most successful salespeople plan ahead and rehearse their sales call process. The best available data shows that the top 10% of performers are significantly more organized than their peers... and that their calls follow a natural progression, not a leap.

Or do they "wing it"?

ACCORDING TO GONGthe top salespeople cover more topics on a call than their peers... but have fewer jarring topic switches as a result of following a clear process and planning their questions ahead of time, so they proceed organically.

AT SANDLER, we teach our clients to complete a written PRE-CALL PLAN to improve their efficiency during the sales call. We help sales leaders and salespeople set up sound plans for the first meeting – and every meeting – with a PRE-CALL PLANNER salespeople use to store essential contact information, record important notes, set goals and likely next steps of the call, and identify the specific questions they plan to ask.

Access a free copy of Sandler's editable PRE-CALL PLANNER you can share with your team:

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have a clear plan going into the first meeting?

Improve your prospecting and selling process by storing essential contact information, recording important notes, setting goals and likely next steps of the call, and identifying the specific questions they plan to ask.